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Terms & Conditions

We are so excited to turn your beautiful floral arrangement(s) into beautiful keepsakes.
Before we get underway, please take note of our floral pressing terms and conditions.
  • The client understands that they are responsible for the drop off of their bouquet to The Dainty Co's location in Maylands (unless otherwise stated by The Dainty Co staff).

  • If your package is lost on delivery (e.g. if you Uber the florals to our location) The Dainty Co is not responsible for the cost of the bouquet or the cost of delivery. 

  • The client understands that their bouquet will be worked with in the condition that it is received.

  • The client understands that if their bouquet arrives and is deemed unworkable by The Dainty Co, the order will be cancelled and they will receive a refund. (The client will have the option to collect the florals within 2 days before they will be discarded if you sent via courier).

  • The client understands that The Dainty Co will preserve all flowers to the best of our abilities, but do not take responsibility for any poor results due to the flowers being previously damaged, coloured, sprayed or not cared for. The Dainty Co do not take responsibility for any chemicals, colours and sprays that may have been used by your florists prior to your event.

  • The client understands that not all flowers in the bouquet will be used due to thickness, flower condition, or lack of space in the frame.

  • The client understand that any wires, adhesives, pins, or other ways of securing their blooms used by their florist may result in deeming some blooms unworkable. 

  • The client understands that their flowers are preserved naturally and will dull or lose pigment with age.

  • The client understands that during the preservation process flowers do fade and will change colour/shade and appearance. 

  • The client understands that no keepsakes/pendants will be used in the final piece and if they are delivered with the flowers they may be discarded.

  • The client understands that once their blooms have begun the preservation processes, they are unable to be sent back to unless included in the designed frame.

  • The client understands that by purchasing their ‘The Dainty Co’ piece they give the artist creative liberty to design the bouquet frame how the artist believes will look best.

  • The client understands that once their bouquet is being designed, they can request to see a mock design of the arrangement before the designer glues the final product. They can request to change/tweak elements of the design up to 3 times before the product will be glued and finalised. If the client does not request a photo then the designer will design the piece how she sees best - and the client will trust her to do so. 

  • The client understands that once the florals are glued there are no changes that can be made, including frame colour or material.

  • The client understands that The Dainty Co has the right to seal and safely package their piece within 5 days of requesting approval of the finished design.

  • The client understands that the designer may design the bouquet in the frame size that would fit best the flowers provided. If the frame size purchased is too large The Dainty Co will contact the client to advise and will refund the frame size difference. 

  • The client understands that the turnaround time corresponding with their event date is subject to change due to various events that could delay The Dainty Co's delicate preservation process. 

  • The client understands that their order cannot be collected or delivered until all outstanding balances have been paid.

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